We complete more than 80 percent of our search engagements, which far exceeds the 60 to 70 percent typical of our larger competitors.

Cavoure Advisors and Chartwell Partners have

Cavoure Advisors is now Chartwell Partners. Click here to proceed to the Chartwell Partners website.

Our namesake, Camillo Benso di Cavour, was a well-known statesman and leader in Italy during the mid-19th century. As the prime minister from 1852-1861, he served as Italy's economic and diplomatic leader and played a critical role in the country's unification. Regarded as the founder of modern Italy, Cavour was known for his unique ability to bring people together. Count Cavour embodies the unique combination of determination, knowledge and judgment required for success at the most senior levels of executive search. His Italian heritage reminds us of the global market in which our clients compete.

Cavoure Advisors is a senior-level, retained executive search firm. Our singular goal is to create value for our clients, and to be the executive search firm our clients trust when building their leadership teams. Cavoure focuses on several specific industries and functions; we serve a broad range of clients, including venture- and private equity-backed entities, private businesses, and a variety of public companies, from small-caps to the largest global corporations. Based in Chicago, Cavoure serves clients throughout the United States, as well as in select locations in Europe and Asia.

Cavoure was founded in April 2007 by three respected search consultants. The founders, all working for a large global firm, recognized that while technology was making the identification of talent accessible to large and small firms alike, the increasing number of search assignments, proliferation of consulting services, and sheer size of the client base at the large firms significantly limited the talent that could actually be made available to any one client. Realizing that a small firm could actually present more and better talent to our clients, Cavoure was founded on a simple guiding principle: our clients' interests always come first. That principle defines our common values:

  • provide outstanding client service;
  • deliver uncompromised quality on every assignment;
  • possess the courage to deliver to our clients honest and forthright advice - whatever the cost;
  • demonstrate unquestioned integrity and values in all that we do.

Our partners employ a thoughtful, consultative approach to solving client problems. Cavoure uses small, nimble teams of experienced consultants and support staff to conduct each engagement. Clients have direct access to the people who do the work, and the partners involved have detailed knowledge of their clients and industries.